The Easter Lamb and Jesus of the Scars

written on 25 April 2022 by Melanie Mack

Art by Nat Iwata

The Easter Lamb

when I hurt

the helpful people

have felt hurt

like it

and really felt it

embodied it

embraced it

and in their fiery hearts

refined it

into pure


refined it
into pure

Jesus of the Scars
inspired by Jesus of the Scars by Edward Shillito

if I have ever sought thee
i seek thee now
your eyes shine
in the dark
the past
the stars

i need you
your thorned scratched brow
your face
your grace
your scars

the other gods were strong
but you were weak
they marched or rode
you stumbled
to a throne

to our pain
only divine pain
can speak
and in my god
my pain is not alone