I Lied, Yes You Lied

written on 24 January 2022 by Reverend Jide Macaulay

Art by Nat Iwata

To be a homosexual is honourable, a gift from God. It is who I am. God makes no mistakes. Knowing the truth as a gay Christian is liberating and gives me the most joy of my freedom.

But I lied, yes you lied...

I have paid the price for lying to be heterosexual. Pretending to be who you are will only harm you. EVERYONE was hurt, my father, mother, wife, son, my siblings, in-laws, friends, and relatives etc.

But I lied, yes you lied.

I was FORCED to lie. I justified these lies with religion, culture, tradition, and law.

But I lied, yes you lied.

To myself for all of my adolescence, I lied (yes you lied) to my family and friends. Because I didn't know any better.
At the time it didn't seem to matter

To my ex-wife because I was afraid of telling the truth.
I made those marriage vows in 1991, in the days of my youth.

But I lied, yes you lied.

In my prayers asking God to cure me of homosexuality instead of helping me to come to terms.

My religious belief and dogma nearly killed me. I wrongly married a woman and badly hurt everyone.

But I lied, yes you lied.

In my ministry I lied, (yes you lied) because I was deeply ashamed of who I was, it took my seven years to reconcile and give up the self-stigma, denial, and discrimination.

I suffered emotional and psychological breakdown and through it all I survived.

But I lied, yes you lied. But I lied, yes you lied. But I lied, yes you lied.

Through it all the healing begins. I declare that I am a Happy Holy Homosexual.
My holiness is connected to all things sexual.

I love the Lord God with all of my heart and soul.
Giving praise from my head to my feet and sole.

I rejoice in knowing who I am and whose I am.
No more lies, no insults, pain, or harm.

I am an example of God's Pulchritude,
At best I come with amazing attitude.

Though I lied, (yes you lied) the truth finally sets me free.
I have become the beacon of hope
Helping many others to cope
Thankful to God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the magnificent three.

The Bible tells me, in Romans 9:25-26, those who were not my people I will call my people,
Those who are not loved shall be called beloved
In the very place where it is said to them you are not my people there they shall be called children of the living God.

No more lies!