Advent: Benjamin's Christmas Wish List

written on 16 December 2021 by Benjamin Hollway

This year has been one of political upheaval, climate collapse, and endless news about the pandemic. We've been stuck inside, stuck wishing for a better world. With that in mind, here is my Christmas wish list.

  • For world leaders to take climate change as seriously as they've been taking our pandemic. To take global, coordinated action to reduce corporation's impact and enable us to leave a liveable planet for future generations.
  • For Covid to be a thing we can globally live with. For a sense of normality; not worrying about checking the news regularly or every single sneeze or cough leading to another Covid test.
  • For social support to be readily accessible. For warm beds and meals for those who need them the most.
  • For a first time driving test pass. For my upcoming lessons to go well, for more confidence, improvement in my existing skills, and clear weather on test day.
  • Another puppy - waggy tails, and long walks on quiet beaches and empty forests.
  • For fresh adventures, new and exciting experiences, and a renewed sense of connection with the world around me.