Advent: Cynthia's Christmas Wish List

written on 09 December 2021 by Cynthia Akinsanya

Before the days get the better of me and I’m found under a pile of wrapping paper, here is my wish list for Christmas 2021 (and they are in no particular order):

  1. A Covid free world: I know that ‘nothing is impossible’, but I pray that we get to the day or the point where we are free from this virus (and the other viruses it is helping to breed – hate, racial injustice, social injustice bigotry and homophobia), or that we know how to keep this virus under control – that access and the application of medication is available to all. We are almost getting to the point where we can just about remember what the world was like before Covid. I wish we could go back to those days, where were all comfortable about meeting in person, worshipped together, partied together and didn’t have to ask “are we hugging?” Without sounding too much like a Miss World contestant, I’d be happy for this to happen.

  2. Good health: The past year has given me the opportunity to wear more hospital gowns and be under observation with scans, tests and procedures, at one point; I thought I’d get a loyalty card for my hospital visits. There’s been quite a bit of anxiety of waiting for test results, thinking about ‘what ifs’ and even wondering how much I have in order, should ‘the worst’ happen. Good health would be a wonderful gift for me, right. But I could also give it to myself. As a Cake Artist, I need to step away from the buttercream and the cake cut-offs. I could nourish my body with more fruit, vegetables and water. A bit of exercise would help and I need to slow the pace down...there will always be things ‘to do’, I just don’t have to get them all done today.

  3. Heavenly encounters: There has been so much ‘noise’ this year (socially, politically and spiritually), it has been so hard to tune into heaven and hear what He has for us (well just being honest, it has been for me). I hope for more opportunities to be touched with a tangible presence of God and to be obedient to what He is saying. I know I need to make room and step away from the noise and just be with Him. That’s my heart’s desire right now.

  4. A husband home for Christmas: As I write this, my husband is in a red list country and will probably have to quarantine for 10 days before joining us at home in the UK. We just want him home, 'not just for Christmas, but for life’. End of.

  5. A pyjama day: I just want a day to wind down over the season (I really need it). I picture myself in a nice pair of pyjamas, sitting under a blanket, in my living room, enjoying, a day of Christmas telly, and festive food and a little tipple.

  6. Sorting out: Could those lovely ladies from the Home Edit or Stacey Solomon please swing by and sort out my home. I’ve started the process of ‘donate’, ‘ditch’ and ‘sell’, but it can be quite overwhelming, methinks I’m not being as ruthless as I should be. I have a home office to reorganise and a kitchen that needs some TLC. Help!

  7. Time with family and friends: Whether it’s a hot chocolate at my kitchen table, a cheeky breakfast, a phone call, Zoom (Cynthia, you’re on mute), a quick goodbye at the station, before heading homeward. I’d love to see some of you near ones and dear ones. We can stick to the government guidelines, but let’s make it happen.

  8. A Christmas walk: During this summer, our family went out for long walks on Sunday mornings. We did walks in some of the great parks in London, as well as some unusual, off the beaten track walks. As much as we moaned as my husband got us up and drill marched us out of the house, we always came back energised and invigorated. We had such a laugh, too. So, I’d love a long walk, on a crisp winter’s day, to blow the cobwebs away, to connect as a family and to get some fresh air.

  9. Some slack: My gift or wish is for mainly the Mama’s out there. We need some slack. You do not have to bake 100 cookies for the school Christmas fair (buy them, if you have to, ‘there!’ I said it), you don’t have to overspend on ‘things’ that you think will impress or make people happy (and leave you in debt many months after). You don’t have to dress your entire family in matching pyjamas for the money shot and post it all over social media. It’s ok if your tree is wonky, or your kids decorate it in a style that is not fitting with a department store. You don’t have to accept every invitation, if you’d rather be in your own space, don’t be shy to say so. If you don’t fancy sliding in a party frock (and Spanx) to ‘feel festive’ and a hygge hoodie is where you are at, wear it with pride. Relaxed dressing is where it’s at.

  10. Joy: If you received a Christmas card from me (yes, I still write and send them), my message to you was one of joy. We all need it right now. Do the things with your loved ones that repeat the sounding joy!