Advent: Asher's Christmas Wish List

written on 08 December 2021 by Asher Hollway

One of my main love languages is gift-giving so I've never really been a fan of asking others for ideas on what they'd like, I'm all about the surprise! But sometimes it's good to write a list and be in the know that you're gonna get what you'd really like, so here goes...

My Christmas wish-list:

  • a new bookshelf (because let's be honest here, you can never have too many)
  • if the former pulls through, more books too!
  • those fancy lil hand-warmers (after looking at the temperatures coming up in the next week this might need to be moved up the list)
  • a lifetime supply of almond croissants wouldn't go amiss...
  • more quality time with friends and family! (looking at you public transport, you'd better pull through)

Jokes aside though, I think this list could be more expansive, right? I know the Great Provider after all, so why not go a little deeper?

  • the ability to dream bigger and wider than ever before! (This one is definitely inspired by a book I've been reading recently called Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick)
  • courage and confidence to pursue the dreams (a wish that's asking for opportunities for me to go out beyond that comfort zone, fun times are ahead..!)