Why Do You Stay with Church?

written on 29 November 2021 by Erin Iwata

Art by Benjamin Hollway

On the eve of a Reformation
less Charlemagne, more Luther
embodying a stubbornness
that does not crush but rather expands;
backwards into the ancient traditions
unafraid of desert fathers and iconology
honoring song and body
liturgy and Spirit-filled wonder.
Forward- casting all traditions aside
to breath in the contradiction
the Oneness we may never inhabit.

Some ask why we stay with this sharded concept:
heavy laden with pock-marked history,
intolerance, unequally yoked to nationalism.
What choice do we have?
The Divine refuses to evade us
and we want Them.

We want fear-freedom
if we are separate from God
we want to keep building
an upside-down Kingdom
that declares we are not
separate from each other.

What can we do but listen?
Be broken and rebuild over
and over again
intersectionality weaving us together.