Spotlight Series: International Justice Mission

written on 09 July 2021 by Erin Iwata & Indy Grant

Over the next five weeks, we will be spotlighting some projects/ organisations that we think you guys should check out. This could be because of their mission, the resource they are building, or the work they are doing for the community. We hope that you will find these projects as uplifting and useful as we do.

Many of us are aware that slavery is very much still around today. Few of us know what to do about it. We are excited to spotlight International Justice Mission. IJM is an organization working to end global slavery. They work worldwide to dismantle multiple types of slavery including human trafficking, forced labor, abuse of humans rights, sexual violence against children, abuse of power by police, and stealing from estates. They work to stop slavery by liberating and restoring victims, helping them to reintegrate into society healthily through personal care for each individual. They also work to jail slave owners, as well as working on a legislative level to end slavery.

IJM makes it possible for individuals and groups to participate in dismantling slavery. You can become a Freedom Partner, which can be as simple as a donation, participating in an event to raise awareness, or calling on your local government to take action. They also have numerous educational resources which help us to learn more about these issues and how we can get involved. Their aim 'to make justice unstoppable' is something we wholeheartedly stand behind.

We want justice to be central to the church. International Justice Mission enables individuals and groups to put their faith into practice by standing up for the most vulnerable. We often talk about slavery as something that's in the past, but it is very much a modern-day issue.

We hope that you take the time to learn about these issues and how you can get involved.