Who Do We Follow?

written on 19 March 2021 by Boriana Hadjieva

Art by Brandon Heim

The low, forgotten creatures down below
Are shut outside the warmth of heaven’s glow.
We lie in pools of dirt and cursing sounds,
In Hate, Mistrust, where Joy is never found.
What lowly creature dares to come down here?
Who’d come to mix with Anguish and with Fear?
We stay and drown in pools of blackened blood,
Our wounds are washed with tears of guilty floods.
And yet our paths are stepped on by a man
Who never strayed, and never turned and ran.
I haven’t seen him here before, have you?
He has this royal glow, but looks so human too.
And when he comes the dark is pushed away
Revealing truths that hid before today.
And yet despite our sorry look of shame
He smiles with Love, I’ve never seen the same.
He comes and starts to wash our hands and feet,
The clotted mud he cleans up from the streets.
My withered limbs are wrapped in wool of light,
But then I look again and see his sight:
A crown of thorns is piercing his skin.
Harsh wounds of whips have made his legs go thin.
His clothes are torn and splattered down with blood.
His hands are pierced with nails and dragged through mud.
I glance at him and ask him, “Who are you?”
“I’m the light” he says. “And I am who
Was sent to gather you to come with me
To walk my path that cleans and sets you free.”
The low, forgotten people down below
Are pure and cleansed with Grace’s steady flow.
We follow our King who gave it all
And came for us so we don’t have to fall.