What does Our Church Too mean to you?

written on 08 March 2021

We asked some of our contributors and followers to answer the question "What Does Our Church Too Mean To You?"

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Hadeel: A lot of what Our Church Too does is it’s a conversation point.

Avinash: Community

Elisabeth: Listening

Alida: Where I’ve been able to learn

Avinash: Safe

Indy: Truth spoken against a lie that we are told in society

Elisabeth: Acceptance

Erin: A space where we can learn and listen and grow together

Avinash: And you can be yourself

Avinash: Anyone who wants to know the word of God, learn His ways, and talk about it freely without any judgement, this is the best place to be there.

Alida: To see how people struggle in different ways than I do.

Hadeel: For me, it’s a really crucial way to make sure that I’m not getting comfortable and thinking that my perspective is the only one.

Elisabeth: So I think ultimately Our Church Too to me is about creating a more loving space in the church, and making it more what God intended and what would make Him happy.

Erin: But we still believe that the church is God’s plan.

Indy: But Our Church Too represents a space where we can both love the church, and we can help her grow in glory and become closer and closer to the vision that Jesus had for her.

Asher: I find Our Church Too to be a really helpful reminder that even though we all come from different backgrounds, and we have different perspectives on different issues, we all believe in the same God.