Bright Spots: Vision 2021

written on 27 November 2020 by Indy Hollway & Erin Iwata

Art by Brandon Heim

Indy: So we’ve nearly made it to Christmas.

Erin: We have indeed!

Indy: What a weird Christmas it’s going to be! All locked down and no travelling.

Erin: Hmm. I think, although it will be weird and painful even, it will be a good time to really focus in on what Christmas is really about. Which is Jesus!

Indy: That’s true. It’s so easy to get carried away with the fun and the magic and forget what we’re really celebrating. At least, it is for me, I love Christmas. I love the parties and the food and the decorations and the presents.

Erin: Everyone loves presents!

Indy: It will be weird. But you’re right, it will also be a chance to refocus and ask ourselves, ‘what is really important?’

Erin: We will have been running ‘Our Church Too’ for over three months by then. I’m still amazed by the stories that have been shared.

Indy: Me too. Maybe I’m a pessimist, but the website has gained way more traction way quicker than I thought it would. We’re hitting about 100 views per day, we have €17 a month worth of Patreon subscribers, we have 36 newsletter subscribers, and 109 followers on Instagram.

Erin: I’m also getting regular messages from friends and family who are really appreciating the content and are eager to learn more.

Indy: And we’re not done yet.

Erin: No we are not.

Indy: I’m really excited for what we have lined up for 2021. We have bundles of new content, a new weekly series, homemade merchandise, video projects, all sorts.

Erin: Yes, I’m excited too! I’m excited to see who’s going to throw their hat in the ring, and I’m keen to read and learn and change for the better.

Indy: We’ve been on quite the journey, hey?

Erin: For sure.

Indy: I never thought that when we started this, I would change as much as I have. My default position has changed from always wanting to know what I’m talking about, to always being ready to hear new perspectives and change my mind.

Erin: Agreed! I’ve also found myself switching from ‘what can I add to this’ to ‘who can I add to this’.

Indy: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Erin: Hahaha