written on 19 October 2020 by Indy Hollway

Art by Ilona Wilson

You see, I was stressed
About life I guess
Deadlines and
Fine lines and
And God said
“I'm going to give you some more time,
How will you spend it?”
And I said,
“There's this game on my iPad
Like Tetris but with cats”.
And God said “Okay”,
And sat with me and watched me play.
I beat my high score that day
But I wasn't happy anyway.

So I said, “I'm going to pop to the shop”
And God said “Sounds great”
So we went
And I spent
And I still felt pressed
I still felt stressed.

So I said “I'm going to sew”
And God said “let's go.”
So I sewed a big blanket-
Big enough for all my friends.
And I sat beneath that blanket
Just me
Still sad as can be.
I let it cover me entirely,
As if it were the sea
And I was still me
Deep in the depths
Running out of breath
What's that I see?
A light calling for me.
I swim towards it but I'm cold,
I know that I can't do it alone.
And I cry out to God
“Abba! Father!”
And a big, warm wave pushes me home.

And I'm safe.
And I am home.
And no longer alone.
And I say
“I'll use some of this time to pray,
And some of it will simply slip away,
And that's okay?”
I ask
With a tentative glance.
And God says “okay,
I'll love you either way.”