written on 21 October 2020 by Boriana Hadjieva

Art by Katy Hollway

I used to live in the muddy streets of Life
And bathe in other people’s filth.
I was scared, alone, and cold.
I used to walk the path alone,
My feet were burned by poison ivy,
But my Father lifted me up
So I don’t have to climb mountains by myself.
Grey does not become me
And blood-red doesn’t suit my skin.
I’d much rather wear the golden sun,
The ivory cloudlets in my hair,
And the green grass in my feet.
I’m no longer a slave,
I’m the daughter of the King.
I’m no longer burdened by my weight,
But I fly, soaring in the skies.
And when shadows from my life before
Come knocking to come back
And guilt me into falling away,
I remember that this burden had been taken,
It’s gone, I don’t have it anymore.
If I’m faultless in His eyes
Then I’m faultless to the world.