written on 12 October 2020 by Ilona Wilson

Art by Ilona Wilson

I was thinking a bit lately about the things that people should be able to have access to - to expect from others and to give to others, that we are all entitled to. And these words came to mind - and I know they aren’t an exhaustive list, oh how I know they are not - pages and books could be filled with the words describing what all people deserve to receive….but from many of these heart words, so many other good things flow - all the other things that are more politically correct, more concrete, actionable. I want to hang these words over my children’s beds, like a prayer - a prayer upon them and a prayer of things to flow out of them always, holding these words under their tongues, in their minds, cradled in their hearts, because if they carry these within them all the time and their words and actions come from these places. Just like if I hold these words under my tongue, in my mind, cradled in my heart.