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Katy Hollway


When asked about her art, Katy says:
"Painting and creating art is a huge passion in my life. I love to be in my studio, stood at my easel with paint loaded brushes in hand, sometimes with music turned up loud. I create realism, symbolic, abstract and map art in a variety of sizes. My childhood dream was shattered when a tutor told me I’d never make it as an artist because I was too emotional. I began to hide with this declaration over my life by putting away my brushes and shying away from colour. It took me twenty years to realise I was living with a lie at my centre; emotions are what make people real. There are many lies that I have believed of myself over the years. I picked up my brushes and decided to banish the lies and partner with the truth of who God says I am instead. This is why I create the art I do today."